whatisonthe.tv, a new way to browse what is on the tv. A SkillfulGorilla beta production.

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  • Description

    There are lots of TV Listings sites/apps out there. All of them present the same information in the same way and it is usually based around a channel and time. This is an old fashioned way of browsing and woefully ineffective. With the advent of 'VOD' and 'Internet TV' the model of basing a listings site around a channel and/or time isn't really viable anymore.

  • Multi-Purpose User Centric Design

    The app user will want to engage through intrinsic rather than extrinsic motivation. Focused design with no advertisments. The user will be able to ask questions instead of being presented with a grid layout.

  • Made with Love

    This is a beta product. Made with care and attention from the people at SkillfulGorilla.

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The app will be agnostic to what service/device is using it.


As well as displaying listings it will allow you to search through seasons, give recommendations and more.

Absolutely Free

This is a showcase app. You will only be allowed to demo a specific timeframe of listings.

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About the product

This product is being actively developed. Come back for product updates.

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"Can I see any episodes that are going to air in the next two weeks of the X-Files that are related to the 'arc'?" - Example Question

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Can I see at a glance all the films that Jack Nicholson is starring in any given (reasonable) time frame?

Can I see any episodes that are going to air in the next two weeks of the X-Files that are related to the 'arc'?

Can I see any films that star Martin Sheen that were made between 1975-1982 and any guest star appearances in any TV show ever? And if not can I see this information anyway.

Can I browse by genre on all channels and then search on the synopsis. For example "startups".

Can I see any episodes of Saturday Night Live that star Steve Martin?

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